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Hi and welcome!

Thanks for taking the time to check this page out. Fer realz, thanks. This all came about after a night of drunken philosophical ravings, when my friend Alex convinced me to start my own blog to give me something to do and let other people hear my rantings and ravings. I’ve read hundreds of books since the earliest years of my life and I’ve always fancied the idea of taking a crack at this myself. So consider this your first foray into the labyrinth that is my squishy brain matter.

Because there’s so much that I want to talk and write about, and knowing my eclectic nature, this blog will start off with lofty goals and most likely devolve into a mix of well thought-out responses and reviews to plain blasphemous rantings with many a cussword thrown in (which will be an interesting mix of american, british and mexican curses). But the way I see it this is my blog and I’ll be damned if I write something that isn’t what I damn well want to write about. So piss on that.

Anyways, here’s hoping you enjoy the site and all the crap I’ll be posting about. For those of you curious about what topics I’ll be covering, I’m planning on doing some pieces on the comic Hellblazer, a surrealist Alice in Wonderland film from Jan Svankmeyer, Watership Down by Richard Adams, and possibly the game Patapon for PSP (depends on how much I can get out of it. But then I realize yet again that this is my blog and I can make the pieces as long or as short as I want so we’ll see). If I feel bold enough, I may even post a microstory I wrote a few months ago based for the most part on something that happened to me at a gas station on the way home from the psych center.  Oh yeah, I work there. I’m not a patient even though that was clearly everyone’s first thought and boy, I’ve not heard that one before you clever so-and-so you. Ha. ha. and an extra bonus ha.

– Denise