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I first stumbled upon the musical workings of Pogo years ago. I can’t remember how or why, except that it must have had something to do with my penchant for Alice in Wonderland as his song Alice was created using soundbites from the movie. It had this mesmerizing beat and a sort of druggy trance vibe that suited it to a T.

Then I discovered he’d made other music featuring soundbites and clips from not just movies but a few TV shows as well. He’s even begun to venture into the realm of sound captured from life as the song Gardyn shows. His music tends to range from from poppy and upbeat to slow and sweet and every other beat inbetween, all in a strive to create and find that one rhythm that captures the source material. The videos that accompany the music are also great fun to watch as he not only shows where certain clips came from, but he also manages to work other clips seamlessly into a sort of dance video for each song. I’d list my favorites, but his portfolio of work has greatly increased over the years and each one is wholly unique and wonderful in its own right. He’s even gained enough popularity and notoriety that Pixar hired him to make remixes for Up as well as Toy Story. The great part though, is you can find all of his music on his website where you decide how much to pay for each song.