I can’t tell if the acting was hammy or just that good. Having said that, most of the actors do a superb job of portraying this grand homage to the noir genre and the protagonist seemed to relish his role a bit too much. The fact that it looks like someone filmed it at home with a shoestring budget only serves to better portray the film. While I’m not a big fan of noir, It was still an enjoyable film with a twist worthy of such an ending. Clever bits here and there are sprinkled throughout, such as when Brendan is dashing away from a hired assassin, stops, turns and trips him into a metal support beam. But I would have to say that placing the film’s setting in a high school really adds to the humour. As I watched the scene where Brendan and the school’s principal are arguing, I was almost waiting for the principal to yell “turn in your badge!”, and I couldn’t resist peals of laughter as Brendan, Tug and The Pin sat in his kitchen and waited for Pin’s mother to serve cereal and juice to their, unbeknownst to her, hostage Brendan. It’s an enjoyable film to say the least in particular if you’re a fan of noir/neo-noir and well worth checking out.


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