The Amazing Screw-On Head

WHO IS THIS MYSTERIOUS FIGURE?! Who is this fantastical warrior that lurks in the dark and takes orders from none other than President Lincoln himself? Why, it’s none other than THE AMAZING SCREW-ON HEAD!
With his trusty butler Mister Groin and his faithful pet Mister Dog, they race to stop the evil Emperor Zombie from translating the Kalakistan Fragment and gaining supernatural powers only to end up fighting a greater evil!

Great evil looms before the evil Emperor Zombie and his vampire girlfriend

Written as a one-shot by Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame, it’s much more light-hearted fare than what is traditionally presented in a Hellboy tale but the art remains as atmospheric as always. The story doesn’t take itself seriously and plays around with the tropes of earlier noir and pulp fiction such as The Shadow or The Spirit. It’s more akin to a whacky homage than anything and Mignola is quoted as having gotten the idea when he noticed that the majority of action figures tended to be the same character with a different paint job. So Mignola imagined a robot character that would screw his head into whatever body best suited the mission. The Amazing Screw-On Head is exactly that, and he fights the forces of evil at the bequest of Lincoln by literally screwing his head into one of various mechanical bodies (13 confirmed) with different gadgets such as a fist that rockets out towards the enemy before detonating.

A pilot was made and aired on the ScyFy website in 2006 with a survey to decide whether or not it would be picked up for syndication. Sadly, while it was not syndicated, it was released on DVD. The pilot follows the one-shot fairly well with added backstory for the characters and one or two minor tweaks to lengthen the story for the full 22 minutes. But all in all it’s a fun little story that the world should really know more about and a damnable shame it didn’t prove popular enough to bring to the little screen.


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